We give Builders and Tradies their nights and weekends back, by automating their estimating process. Send us your plans and go and have a beer!


My name is Chris O’Halloran, I left school and completed a Carpentry apprenticeship in 1997 with my old man. I worked my way up and became a licensed Builder and currently still hold a builders licence.

One of the key factors holding back my building company from growing to where I wanted, was that I simply couldn’t manage the site work and paperwork like estimating and chasing work.

I realised that growing a building company came down to this: The more I estimated, the more work I won.

So I would spend nights and weekends doing takeoffs and estimates, so that during the day, I could still get paid to actually build. I soon got jack of this, had no time for camping, fishing and spending time with family and friends...

So I created Takeoffs.io to automate my takeoffs, giving me my life back. I realised that with a few improvement and changes, I could make it available to other builders and tradies and help them get their weekends back also.

My focus now is getting the word out there, that there is a better way to do takeoffs. With takeoffs.io, all you need to do is upload your plans, and within 72 hours, your takeoff or estimate is sent back completed... It’s a game changer.

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